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Friday, October 22, 2010

I Don't Feel Like It.

I admit it…I’m lazy.

If I can find an easier, faster, cheaper way to do something (preferably where I don’t have move away from the couch) then I’m all over it.

Unfortunately, that’s not a formula for success. It’s a recipe for muscle atrophy.

And since I don’t really aspire to be an undifferentiated blob, lounging around all day is pretty much not an option. However, I’m not naturally like the Martha Stewarts and Rachel Rays of the world…I don’t get up at dawn and fashion tea cozies out old underwear or have a burning desire to create homemade sachets and potpourri from rotted oak leaves, grass clippings and dog hair clumps I’ve pulled out of the vacuum cleaner.

So somehow, I must find the motivation to “go to work” every day. And whether it’s because I fear that if I don’t, I’ll have to call a Lady Kenmore Washing Machine box “home,” or just the fact that I’m virtually unemployable since besides writing, the only other skill I possess is with Nunchucks, and they don’t transfer well to other professions.

How about you? What drives you to drive your business forward?

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